2015 IBC SEAOC Structural/Seismic Design Manual Volume 1: Code Application Examples


The 2015 IBC SEAOC Structural/Seismic Design Manual provides a step-by-step approach to applying the structural provisions of the 2015 International Building Code® and referenced standards. Volume 1 contains code application examples based on the IBC and ASCE 7-10 including determination of seismic irregularities, combinations of structural systems, determination of drift, support of discontinuous systems, and analysis of seismic forces applied to equipment, non-structural elements and non-building structures.

Volume 1 includes:

• Sample structures

• ASCE 7 equations applied to examples

• Code and standard references for each example

An excellent reference and study guide for the NCEES Structural Exam. This manual is an invaluable resource for civil and structural engineers, architects, academics and students.

isbn-- 9781609836498

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