A Guide to the 2015 IRC Wood Wall Bracing Provisions


Wall bracing is a common source of confusion and misapplication although it is of critical importance when designing, performing plan review, building or inspecting a structure. This full-color illustrative guide was developed to help building designers, builders, building officials and others using the code in the application of the lateral bracing requirements of the 2015 International Residential Code® (IRC). The authors identify and explain the key elements of wall bracing and demystify the IRC prescriptive bracing provisions.

Topics covered include:

  • Rules for wall bracing
  • Rules for simplified wall bracing
  • Determination of how much bracing is required with adjustments and variations
  • Bracing methods and options available to the builder/designer
  • Connection details
  • Narrow wall solutions
  • Whole house considerations and examples
  • Historical perspective and the evolution of wall bracing
  • The “language” of wall bracing
  • Wind and seismic forces and how they act on structures
  • Physical limits under which wall bracing can be used

A Guide to the 2015 IRC Wood Wall Bracing Provisions is jointly published by ICC and APA—The Engineered Wood Association with the shared goal of promoting the accurate understanding and correct application of the IRC for safer buildings and communities.

isbn-- 9781609836238

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