Application Guide for the 2012 IBC Concrete Provisions (Chapter 19)


This publication is indispensable to anyone undertaking to design a concrete structure using Chapter 19 of the 2012 IBC, which references ACI 318-11. The publication consists of three parts. Part 1 can be thought of as an extended commentary on the provisions of 2012 IBC Chapter 19, the primary emphasis being on providing design guidance. It is pointed out that many of the modifications to the ACI 318 provisions in Section 1905 of the 2012 IBC are incompatible with ACI 318-11. The reasons for this inconsistency are pointed out. More importantly, remedial measures are spelled out in detail. Part 2 thoroughly discusses every significant change from ACI 318-08, the reference standard in the 2009 IBC to ACI 318-11, the reference standard in the 2012 IBC. Part 3 consists of twelve detailed design examples using the 2012 IBC Chapter 19 and ACI 318-11. Detailed designs of reinforced concrete columns, flat plates, corbels, anchors, and a host of other items are included. The reader will find these examples particularly useful.

isbn-- 9781936039203

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