Code Check Complete


by Redwood Kardon Douglas Hansen Michael Casey

Code Check Complete is a compilation of the four individual Code Check field guides to the building codes: Building, Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical.

This book is intended for building inspectors, design-professionals, plan reviewers, contractors, home inspectors, educators, and do-it-yourself home owners. The primary code used in the first three sections (Building, Plumbing, and HVAC) is the 2006 International Residential CodeÎÂ, the most widely adopted residential code in the United States. The electrical section is based on the National Electrical CodeÎÂ, the oldest and most widely used electrical code. Several other codes are referenced in the Plumbing and HVAC sections, including the Uniform Codes that are used in many parts of the country.

The major codes are updated on a three-year cycle. Since the first edition, the Code Check field guide (flip-chart format) has been updated with each code cycle, and the current 'combination' book is in its 5th edition. Building jurisdictions do not always adopt a code during the calendar year of publication, and some actually lag several years behind. These books can still be used in areas where older codes apply, thanks to the 'code changes' featured at the end of each section. Significant changes are highlighted throughout the text and summarized there, and users of older codes are alerted to items for which the most current code does not apply.

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