CodeMaster - Structural Wood Design ASD/LRFD (2012 IBC/ASCE 7-10/NDS 2012)


This CodeMaster contains information about designing typical wood framing members, including glued laminated timber, in accordance with the 2012 IBC, ASCE 7-10 and 2012 National Design Specification. This handy laminated guide explains the design process in ten easy-to-understand steps beginning with determining loads and load combinations. Determination of referenced design values for different sizes, species and grades is clearly explained and adjustment factors are presented in a consolidated manner for quick reference, with a matrix indicating when they are required. The CodeMaster includes steps for checking stresses and sizing the member; design equations are presented in a clear understandable format with notation defined. Numerous illustrations are provided to show key concepts such as tributary area, span measurement or sloped members, and dressed size versus nominal size. "Secrets of the CodeMaster" are included to help the designer avoid common mistakes.

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