Seismic and Wind Forces: Structural Design Examples, 4th Edition


The 4th edition has been updated to the 2012 International Building Code®, ASCE/SEI 7-10, ACI 318-11, NDS-2012, AISC 341-10, AISC 358-10, AISC 360-10, and the 2011 MSJC Code. In each chapter, sections of the code are presented, analyzed and explained in a logical and simple manner and are followed by illustrative examples. Each concentrates on a specific section of the code and provides a clear and concise interpretation of the code requirement. The text is organized into six chapters corresponding to the primary structural design sections of the code:

  • Seismic design
  • Design for wind loads
  • Seismic design of steel structures .
  • Seismic design of concrete structures
  • Seismic design of wood structures
  • Seismic design masonry structures


  • More than 100 completely worked-out design examples are included in the chapters to clearly illustrate proper application of the code requirements
  • Problems are solved in a straight forward step-by-step fashion with extensive use of illustrations and load diagrams

Although the book is geared primarily for practicing civil and structural engineers, engineers studying for licensing exams, structural plan check engineers and civil engineering students will find the book a valuable resource because of its clean, straightforward approach. This publication is also an excellent resource for architects, code officials, plan reviewers and others who need to understand how to properly apply seismic and wind loads based on the IBC and the referenced structural standards. This publication is a comprehensive guide and desk reference for the application of the 2012 IBC® and includes extensive references to publications that reflect current structural design practice.

isbn-- 9781609833961

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