Seismic Design Using Structural Dynamics (2012 IBC, 2015 IBC and ASCE/SEI 7-10)


The 2012 and 2015 editions of the International Building Code (IBC) require the use of a dynamic analysis procedure for the seismic design of a building under certain conditions of irregularity, occupancy, and height. However, dynamic analysis procedures are more complicated than the more traditional static procedure, and over the years, many questions have been asked about code provisions concerning this. This publication has been created to answer these questions and demystify the application of the code. This publication addresses the two methods by which a designer may comply with the seismic design requirements of the 2012/2015 IBC: Equivalent Lateral Force Procedure (ASCE 7-10 Section 12.8) and Dynamic Analysis Procedure (ASCE 7-10 Section 12.9 and Chapter 16).

isbn-- 9781936039241

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