Significant Changes to the California Residential Code, 2016 Edition


If you are seeking a solid understanding of the latest updates to the California Residential Code, Significant Changes to the California Residential Code, 2016 Editionprovides just that – all in a single, easy-to-use resource! The book focuses on provisions that have special significance, are utilized frequently, or have had a change in application from the 2013 edition of the code. Each change is accompanied by a photograph, real-world application example or an illustration to assist and enhance understanding. With a summary and discussion of the impact of these changes, this guide is the perfect tool for transitioning from the 2013 California Residential Code to the 2016 edition.

Look Inside for these Outstanding Features:

• clarifies the language of the code with full-color illustrations to enhance comprehension and reduce the potential for misinterpretation

• improves understanding with detailed table of contents, part summaries, change summaries and in-depth discussion of the change significance

• provides clear notations of key changes, including strike-throughs for deleted code language and underlines for new code text

• facilitates quick and accurate identification of key information with a logical organization that follows the layout of the California Residential Code, including chapter, section number and title format

isbn-- 9781609836450

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